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Ya Gotta Believe

Dan Miller is on of my favorite ‘gurus’.  He is author of two best selling books, ’48 Days To The Work You Love’ and ‘No More Mondays’.

Essentially Dan is about helping people find work from their passion.  Not finding a job, but taking what you love to do, and doing it independently of an employer.

Each week Dan creates a 48 minute podcast where he answers questions and discusses ideas with his listeners.

This program is a wealth of information and maybe more importantly inspiration.  There are tons of useful ideas in each program especially for the ‘free agents’ among us looking for the next thing.

We all have interests and skills.  The trick is putting the two together in a way that generates income.

That is Dan’s genious.   He has a real knack for making suggestions that work.  The success stories are endless.

Lately as I converse with more and more people who are in the same employment situation as me, it becomes clear there is a lot of frustration.

These are talented people and most have had jobs with serious responsibility.  It is very difficult for them to be idle for long.

But instead of feeling hurt or angry that you were turned out, you need to change your mindset.  Dan would tell you they handed you an opportunity when they put the severance check in your hand.

I’d like to think there is a great job waiting right around the corner.   Hey, I have tons of experience and a great track record.  But it might not be that easy this time.

This is not the time to be mad at the system, the industry, the government or whatever.  It is the time to re-think what you love to do, and how you might do it in a different way.

Dan’s program has given me about seven or eight ideas.  All I really need is one to work.

The website is   It’s well worth a look.

As former Met Tug McGraw told us “Ya Gotta Believe!”.

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Keep Your Knees Loose

We ran into a neighbor and her thirty year old daughter at our favorite lunch spot yesterday.

The daughter is happily employed but facing a lay-off, possibly as early as Monday.

She is clearly upset.

The lay-off is through no fault of her own. The company likes her and she them.

She feels betrayed like others in her situation.

“I gave this place my heart and soul and wanted to stay forever.” she said.

Now a reality check for all of us who are employees somewhere.

The average job lasts three years today.

‘Forever’ might not be in the cards no matter how much you love the work.

Companies change.

Industries change.

Hopefully you’ll keep changing too.

No one should want to do the same job, in the same place for thirty years.

My parents generation grew up during the high flying 1920s only to see things turn to Depression in the 30s. Next, they found themselves in the horrific World War of the 40s.

It’s no wonder they just wanted a stable job and a house in the suburbs.

The working world is not what it was even five years ago.

Peter Drucker said business is in a state of ‘perpetual white water’.

Things move quickly and unpredictably.

No company can guarantee your employment. It is up to you to guarantee your employability.

As Jean Shepherd used to say “keep your knees loose gang”.

Be a lifetime learner. Focus on networking and be thinking one or two jobs down the road.

What would you do if the company ‘downsized, rightsized or just outsized you tomorrow morning?

Here are excellent books about taking control of your work life.

  • Dan Miller “48 Days To The Work You Love”
  • Richard Nelson Bolles “What Color Is Your Parachute?”
  • Stephen M. Pollan “Fire Your Boss”
  • Dan Miller “No More Mondays”

My neighbor must think I’m a little nuts talking about how exciting it can be to lose your job.

But people who stay prepared usually do come out with a better situation.

Keep your knees loose.

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Think Beyond Just A Job

It’s been great hearing from people checking in on the blog this week. Emails and comments are always welcome. Don’t be shy.

Several people have mentioned they are between gigs. This is usually not by their choice of course.

I can relate since I’ve been asked to vacate the building on more than one occasion.

Remember being fired is part of the cultural ritual of radio. You must be fired periodically in order to renew your membership in the brother/sisterhood.

Now that you’re out, what do you do?

I recently came came across Dan Miller’s books. The first was ’48 Days To The Work You Love’ and next is “No More Mondays”.

Dan’s mission in life is helping people find their passion and put it to work for them. Perhaps it is in a business of your own or something you do on the side as free lance. He is all about helping you take control of your own destiny.

The Dan Miller 48 Day’s podcast is available through ITUNES. The link to Dan’s website is listed to the right of this page.

Use the time between gigs to really think about what you want to do.

Radio jobs are changing rapidly. You can’t rely on the old ways of finding jobs. Take time to think about your strengths and work on a path that really suits your interests and talents.

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn says, “Work harder on yourself, than you do on your job”.

In other words take the time to improve your skills, make contacts and work on things that will help more than just earn a paycheck.

View being fired as a great opportunity to meet new people and learn more about yourself.

Most people tell me the new job is a better than the one that turned them out.

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