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The Rock Of Chicago And Beyond

Thanks again to everyone at WLS for the Memorial Day Rewind.

WLS dropped their talk programming and dedicated the day to the memory of WLS Musicradio.

Texas has stations on 890 in Rio Grande Valley and Dallas. I’m in between those and it is difficult to hear WLS here at night.

Listening to John Records Landecker on the WLS stream isn’t quite the same as hearing the signal through the on air audio processing.

The WLS skywave finally arrived here around 9:30.

WLS Musicradio always sounded big, really big, especially on clear cold nights. Perhaps it was slight reverb on the audio chain.

Listening to skywave of WLS and other stations was how we learned radio in the 60s and 70s.

Live in New Jersey as I did and you could hear WLS , WCFL and WMAQ from Chicago, WKBW Buffalo, WDRC and WPOP Hartford, WFIL (but not WIBG too directional) Philadelphia, WBT Charlotte, WOWO Fort Wayne, CKLW Windsor (Detroit), WGAR Cleveland, WFBL Baltimore, WAEB Allentown and all those New York stations like WABC and WMCA.

Sunday was my favorite night of the week because many stations signed off for transmitter maintenance from 12 Midnight to 5am. On those nights it was even possible to catch KFI Los Angeles or WOAI San Antonio in New Jersey.

It’s fun to hear airchecks and rewind specials from time to time. But you can never go back.

Radio is a different animal today but you can easily listen to great radio stations from around the world on your computer.

Simply Google some of these and you’ll be tuned into some of the best stations in the world.

Nova96.9, Mix 106.5, WSFM, 2DAY FM and Triple M all in Sydney Australia. Check out Capital FM in London, UK or The Radio Network Stations in New Zealand. South Africa is another spot for well programmed stations.

We were once limited to listening to stations on a radio, today we can learn from stations from around the world on our computers.

There is lots to hear.


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