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Ready For Primetime

The morning show drives the entire day.

It’s really pretty simple. Win in the morning and you’ll probably do fine all day.

But if your morning show under performs the rest of the station, you have big problems.

Morning shows need planning, preparation and review DAILY.

Ron Chapman a legend in Dallas radio spent most of his forty year career in morning drive. Chapman recently came out of retirement to fill in for Paul Harvey on ABC.

He was hired by KLIF in 1959 to team with another talent as Harrigan and Murphy.

KLIF Program Director Don Keyes recorded the show every morning. He then met with Harrigan and Murphy to review the tape, tighten and refine their performance.

Keyes described the sessions as ‘intense’. They went through each show break by break, sometimes with owner Gordon McLendon present.

The result was a dominating morning show.

Few Program Directors today are trained in the skill of coaching talent. Many, if not most are almost afraid to meet with their morning show.

This is where you either make it as a PD or not.

The Program Director is like a hitting coach in baseball. He must know when the show is on track and know what is required to get it back on track when its not.

Here are some suggestions for working with your morning show.

  • Listen daily to the entire show. This means you must be up early.
  • Take notes. Keep a notebook with details from each day’s show.
  • Have a daily standing meeting with the show.
  • Review what worked, what could be better.
  • Focus on how what is coming up.
  • Outline the show. Brainstorm topics, ideas and guests.
  • Brainstorm future shows. What holiday is coming up or big event?
  • Get the show players to listen to the show on their own.
  • Keep an idea book of things you notice on television, in the paper, magazines.

Great radio is preparation, preparation, preparation.

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