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My Little Black Book

My little black book does not contain names of ‘special’ friends like a certain former New York Governor .

Mine is dull by comparison.

But for me, the ‘little black book’ is indispensable.

It can be a major help to the Program Director looking for ways to record and track ideas.

For years I carried a bulkly Franklin Planner. It was my depository for notes, ideas, appointments. You name it. The Franklin was always with me.

I’ve tried keeping notes and appointments in PDAs, a Treo and on my computer. Nothing works quite as well as paper at least for me.

Moleskine makes a variety of small bound notebooks that are perfect for keeping ideas. This is the legendary notebook used by writers like Hemingway.

The hard backed cover is a perfect writing surface.

An idea book is a great way to manage the ideas as you get them. I use a section in my Outlook software to index each entry for easy retrieval.

Sometimes the silliest entry turns into a great idea. But it would have been lost if I hadn’t entered it into my book.

You may be amazed at how many ideas you have in a week just by recording everything into your book.

Moleskine products are available at a variety of on-line retailers, Barnes & Noble, Borders and other booksellers.

No I don’t have stock in the company.


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