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Six Pixels Of Separation

A business book that is well targeted to the needs of radio and other media only comes around once in a great while.

Mitch Joel’s Six Pixels Of Separation is such a book.

Perhaps you read about Mitch last week in Mark Ramsey’s Blog, Hear 2.0.  Mark included an audio version of the interview which you can download from I-Tunes.

Mark’s site is at

It was because of Mark’s writing that I bought Six Pixels.  Well actually two copies.  The hardcover and audio book.  Hey Mitch’s kids deserve a college fund.

Inside you’ll find  tons of highly actionable information for anyone in radio.  Whether your morning show blogs or you Twitter,  Six Pixels is a real ‘how to guide’ that will energize your on-line efforts.

Mitch does a couple of excellent Podcasts about on-line marketing and using social media.  He is forward thinking but most importantly has connected to many others of like mind to create an interesting program.

Mitch is found at

Six Pixels gave me some interesting ideas for a meeting I had this week with a Minor League Baseball Team to discuss their radio and media presence.  A few of those ideas are likely to go into action this fall.

Bloggers will learn new ways to increase traffic and build their influence.  The web is way more than a source for  gathering ears and eyes for the sales department.  This is one of the most powerful communication tools ever.

Radio, Television, Newspaper and Magazines need to re-think all of it.

Let’s stop looking at the corporate internet initiative as a cram down or just additional work for the staff.

This is the future.

And the future is already here.

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..The Hits Keep On Coming!

If your staff is still unconvinced about the power of the internet, have them blog.

I started this one in April. It’s growing daily.

I’m very appreciative of anyone that reads my material.

The daily interaction is extremely powerful and lots of fun.

The blog provider I use, WordPress shows you where your hits are coming in from and what is being read.

Hits to the blog increase daily and it is being linked to new sites all the time.

That viral nature of the web is what excites me. One link, brings another, then more.

This is what should excite your staff. Blogging has potential to bring new people to their shows and bond those already listening.

The web is more powerful than television today in spreading the word about your station because it is intimate.

A potential listener can connect to the station and talent even before hearing their work.

I am amazed at the number of people that I knew in the past that have reconnected by email because of reading the blog.

It’s not so much what your air talent says on their blog, but that they are accessible to the audience.

Today request lines are on hold, jocks are voice tracked and studios are empty, it is important to find new ways to connect with people.

Blogging helps make radio feel real again.

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