Joy of The Hunt

23 Jan

Barely a day passes when we don’t hear of someone downsized from their job.

Media people know all about it.

People in other industries are not accustomed to getting pink slips.

The other night, my neighborhood mentioned his company just finished a round of layoffs.  He is in the oil industry. We live in Houston where oil is a big deal.

The local economy is exploding. Last summer I counted over thirty homes under construction in my neighborhood.

The sudden drop in oil prices could but the brakes on that. My neighbor thinks more cuts are coming.  His co-workers are a little freaked to say the least.

Rightsizing or downsizing means your life can change on any given day.

Lately I’ve coached a number of people dealing with layoffs from media companies.

Here are a few of my suggestions if you are suddenly unemployed.

1. The job hunt takes time. Companies move slowly. Many will never respond to you even if your qualifications are outstanding.

2. The on-line application software used by most companies is difficult for  managers to navigate and no help in identifying strong prospects.

3. Your application is lost in a sea of resumes with hundreds of unqualified applicants.

4. You will NEVER get a job by just applying at the company website.

5. You must make a personal contact with the hiring manager or someone that can lead you to that person. The on-line application has NOTHING to do with getting you hired.  This is a key point.

6. Your job is to secure a phone interview. Nothing happens without it.

7. The process is slow. It will take months. Weeks will pass without a response. But don’t give up.  Keep finding  new ways to rise above the rest by sending ideas, observations and the benefits you bring to the job.

8. Apply, apply apply. The more places you apply, the more people you meet. You need just one contact to find the right job.

9. A hiring manager is out there right now looking for someone like you to fill a great job. Remember, you worked before. You WILL work again.

Now if I can just remember to follow my own advice.

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