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Ya Gotta Believe

Dan Miller is on of my favorite ‘gurus’.  He is author of two best selling books, ’48 Days To The Work You Love’ and ‘No More Mondays’.

Essentially Dan is about helping people find work from their passion.  Not finding a job, but taking what you love to do, and doing it independently of an employer.

Each week Dan creates a 48 minute podcast where he answers questions and discusses ideas with his listeners.

This program is a wealth of information and maybe more importantly inspiration.  There are tons of useful ideas in each program especially for the ‘free agents’ among us looking for the next thing.

We all have interests and skills.  The trick is putting the two together in a way that generates income.

That is Dan’s genious.   He has a real knack for making suggestions that work.  The success stories are endless.

Lately as I converse with more and more people who are in the same employment situation as me, it becomes clear there is a lot of frustration.

These are talented people and most have had jobs with serious responsibility.  It is very difficult for them to be idle for long.

But instead of feeling hurt or angry that you were turned out, you need to change your mindset.  Dan would tell you they handed you an opportunity when they put the severance check in your hand.

I’d like to think there is a great job waiting right around the corner.   Hey, I have tons of experience and a great track record.  But it might not be that easy this time.

This is not the time to be mad at the system, the industry, the government or whatever.  It is the time to re-think what you love to do, and how you might do it in a different way.

Dan’s program has given me about seven or eight ideas.  All I really need is one to work.

The website is   It’s well worth a look.

As former Met Tug McGraw told us “Ya Gotta Believe!”.

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Getting Back To Fun, Again

Have you ever really given thought as to how you became interested in radio?

The first time many of us heard radio was a frantic man playing records between commercials and jingles.  Oh, the jingles.

Jack Sterling of WCBS was the first personality I remember.  He would have been well into his career at the time.  I was five.

Radio was music.  But for me it was much much more.

People ask me today about the fantastic record collection I must have at home.

Sorry.  I don’t have one CD or record at home.  No collection.

I don’t have a stereo system with big speakers and fancy components.   A small  portable radio preferably with AM and Shortwave is my choice.

The AOR 7030 is overkill for most radio users.  It is an outstanding radio and when coupled with the Quantum Loop Antenna built by Gerry Thomas it is a DX machine.

It’s DXing that helps me make that connection today.

XEB 1220 Mexico City is one of my favorite stations.

So is Radio Rebelde out of Cuba for their baseball coverage during the winter.

Radio has a way of connecting me to the outside world.  I still love listening to the trucking shows overnight and of course George Norry and the cast of thousands on Coast To Coast.

For me radio was and is personality, and connection.  Perhaps for you it’s the music.

Whatever got you into this business is what you should focus on now.

Why do you love radio?  What is it about radio that drew you in the first time?

Go back there.

Then try to use that memory to get that feeling back again.

Emails are coming from people I’ve never met this week. Their passion for radio, not necessarily the ‘radio business’ is impressive.

People who love radio really love it.

We belong to a special club.  I feel bad for the rest of the world that doesn’t hear the magic and feel the connection.

Use that passion and get back to finding something in radio that really makes it fun again.

The economy, owners, budgets and all can take the fun out of it.  But don’t let the magic you felt die.

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