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Last Of The Originals

Paul Sidney loved radio.

WLNG was more than a radio station.  It was his life’s work but even more a labor of love.

As far as I know, the WLNG staff is all the family he had.

Paul passed away today at age 69.

I never met him.  But felt like I knew him.

WLNG is a throwback.  It connects with listeners like the great top 40 stations did years ago.

Lost dogs can still find their way home because of WLNG.

Birthdays are celebrated, new babies too.

WLNG is what radio always was.

A station without ego that never lost sight why it existed, to serve the public.

It’s a great station.

Paul ran it his way.

A funny thing happened.  WLNG enjoyed over 40 years of success during his watch.

Unfortunately they threw away the mold when Paul was born.

Let’s hope they can always find a place that will re-wind the carts, and sing a new set of jingles.

WLNG is one of a kind, because its leader was a true original.

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