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Platinum 96.7 Revisited

The one article written on this blog with the most comments is about Platinum 96.7 the Citadel oldies station in Dallas.

I wasn’t very kind toward the station.  In fact said it would be DOA.

Arbitron is tracking them in the 3 share range so my original prediction was incorrect.

How long the numbers hold is still out to the jury.

I must admit Platinum has some good qualities.  The music is familiar and generally sing-able.   It is well mixed and produced for the type of station it is.

Platinum is a station that nobody likes except the listeners.

I made a point to listen again during a trip to Dallas last weekend.

The big push was for Debbie Diaz who joined in afternoon drive.  There were no jocks on during my monitor.  Having heard her work, I’m sure she is a nice addition.

Ron Chapman has a presence too doing testimonial type commercials.

Chapman’s spirit runs through the station.

Platinum will never be my favorite oldies station.  Not because of anything they’ve done wrong,  but because it’s just not my kind of station.

The point of the original posting asked why radio as an industry always returns to the same ‘well’ when creating new station formats.

There is tons of fresh music released weekly.  As an industry we  fall into the same pattern of AC, Oldies, Country, Rock, etc. without looking for something fresh.

Citadel’s choice of soft oldies isn’t the only predictable type of format we’ve heard in recent times.

CBS’s ‘Now’ Fm comes off as just another CHR in a long line of similar launches.

Nova 96.9 Sydney was the last really innovative CHR launched around 2001.  They still sound fresh today.

Looking back on my own launches there have been plenty of copy cat things we did to get the stations on air.   I’d like to have a few of those 10,000 in a row back to do again.

Radio needs some different thinking.

Perhaps in this time of economic uncertainty the ‘tried and true’ stuff is right.

Radio will need formats that go beyond playing from the Whitburns and Mediabase if it has a hope of remaining viable.

Today it’s nice to see anyone have success. even if I don’t personally like the station.

So Platinum take it through the 3’s and beyond.  The industry needs some good stories right now.


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