There Is Life After Radio

23 Jan

It’s hard to know where to begin during a wild week like this.

The calls and emails have been pretty steady all week from people that suddenly found themselves without employment.

Funny about times like these.   New babies, death and unemployment always give us the reason to catch up with old friends.

Unemployment is not my idea of a great subject for becoming re-acquainted, but it is what it is.

If this is your first time through the car wash, well don’t panic.

It will not be easy to find the next job, but it should be exciting.

Believe it or not there are many people still  working that actually envy your situation and severance package.

Be honest.

Weren’t you actually cursing the old job just a few days ago?

Sudden unemployment means freedom and a chance to take time to explore new opportunities.

For one thing you can now search for a job in the open without fear of your employer finding out.  We don’t have that opportunity too often.

People who saw you as untouchable in the last job, just might have been waiting for this moment to talk about employment with them.

And for those who wonder, yes there is ‘life after radio’.

The skills you’ve learned working with people, listeners and customers will serve you well in ‘the real world’.

So once the grim reaper from HR has dropped you and your box of belongings at the front door, take a long breath.

Reward yourself by taking time to relax, and move on.

The sooner you get past the pain, anger and hurt, the sooner you get your life back.

Hey, it’s your life.

Don’t let their bad decision to fire you, consume you.

Their loss.

Your gain is to step away and look at the world with fresh eyes.

If you’re still working, make sure you reach out to those who are not.

And if you’re someone doing hiring please return phone calls, answer email and be a source of hope for those looking for work.

There is nothing harder than going day after day without so much as an email response when you are on the beach.

Judging by the weather around the country, some of those beaches are pretty cold right now.

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One response to “There Is Life After Radio

  1. Don Beno

    February 3, 2009 at 1:11 am

    I have been let go twice before. Both times I was devestated. Not financially, but my ego was extremely damaged. I spent most of my off time just looking for work, sulking and looking for work and sulking.

    I am on the beach now. While I am looking for work, I am doing so many things that I could not possibly do while I was employed with Clear Channel. Without 60 hour of week of work and frustration I am able to spend time with family, a LOT of time. Even the smallest things like driving my daughter to school are so enjoyable.

    I am volunteering at local social organizations, exploring the parks and beaches, and catching up with friends. In a few days I will be taking an extra long road trip down south to escape the cold.

    Losing your job is such a drag. But what you make of your time off is up to you.


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