Chilling Radio

28 Dec

The first Iraq War brought the horrors of war directly to our television sets.  CNN reporters broadcast from rooftops. Cameras showed explosions in Baghdad as Allied bombers made their nightly runs.

It all seemed somewhat surreal at the time.  A made for TV movie that rolled during US TV Prime time, which was early morning in Baghdad.

More chilling was hearing first hand reports on shortwave radio of scud missiles being lobbed into Israel from Iraq.

KOL Israel is the national radio service which at the time could be heard on shortwave here in the US.

This was live  radio  telling Israeli citizens to put on their gas masks and stay in their homes.

That coverage has always stuck with me.  It was far more compelling than the television coverage with all its pictures.

This was  first hand coverage illustrating the real life horror of war.

The Gaza Strip has again erupted into violence with Israel pounding Hamas locations with brutal force.

KOL Israel can’t be heard in the US on shortwave anymore.  But all of the coverage is available on WIFI Radio.

Recivia offers 39 Israeli stations.  Some broadcast in English.

The Israeli National Talk channel is filled with coverage of the conflict.  It gives a totally different perspective of what is happening and why.

Certainly the coverage is from the Israeli point of view.  But like that night listening to KOL Israel, you’ll get the idea of what life is like when your country is in the middle of conflict.

The programs are sometimes intense and emotional.  Based on the sound of things there will be plenty of chances to hear war coverage first hand in coming weeks.

It’s another example of how the internet is becoming the source for breaking news leaving local radio and newspapers in the dust.

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