Help Someone With Paws This Christmas

21 Dec

The house seemed empty after the kids grew up and moved out.

So, we decided it was time for a second family.

Our oldest is now about three.

The baby is almost eight months old.

They are adopted.

The older one lived in our bushes.

The other was found in a tree with a brother and sister.

In case you haven’t guessed our second family is two young cats,  Meow and Maggie.

Meow is the perfect child.

She  is a brown tabby who loves to sleep in the sun rays that come  through the bedroom window each afternoon.

Maggie is well, challenging.

She’s silvery gray.  Her sister June is all black and brother Wallace  is  bright orange with a beautiful coat of stripes.  All have stunning gold eyes and except for their coloring they look exactly alike.

Maggie is all kid.

Human toddlers don’t climb to the top of the refrigerator and to the top of cabinets that are even higher.

Young cats know no boundaries.

Cat ‘toddlers’ can wear out their parental guidance.

They are worth every second.

Whiskers is an adult black and white cat. She lives outside Walgreens around the corner from our home.

Whiskers is a homeless stray with a litter of kittens depending on her.

Sadly this year many pets become abandoned when owners lose their home and leave everything including the animals.

We think this might be what happened to Whiskers.

The store manager and customers feed her.

We have asked a local rescue organization to lend a hand.

Our hope is to have her family cared for and then adopted by loving families.

This Christmas animal shelters are over flowing with pets needing homes.

Many are like Whiskers with kittens or puppies attached.

If  you wondered what to get yourself this year, consider saving a life.

Adoption is serious business.

So if you consider a pet, make sure it’s not a whim and something you’ll regret later.

I was never a cat fan.  But Meow changed that.

Now, I am their biggest fan.

Maggie is a very different ‘person’ than Meow.   We learn from them and  laugh at their antics everyday.

So this holiday think about adoption as the ultimate Christmas gift.

And if you can’t adopt, make a generous contribution to a local ‘no kill’ shelter.

Oh and keep an extra can of cat food handy.  One of Meow’s friends might drop by.

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One response to “Help Someone With Paws This Christmas

  1. Rick Miles

    December 22, 2008 at 4:32 pm

    Great post. I volunteered at a no kill shelter in San Diego called Friends of Cats. They care for over 300 cats and their greatest need (beyond money) is for volunteers to simply spend some time with these loving, lonely animals. The two hours I spent with those cats were the most rewarding of every week.


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