The Happiest Station On Earth

29 Nov

Radio is above all a mood service for the audience.

Most of us turn on the radio to feel good or to find a format to match our mood.

On a warm sunny spring day it might be to find great songs so you can turn up the volume and sing along.

At this time of year Christmas songs might be just the ticket to make you feel good.

There are fewer ‘good mood’ stations today than in the past.

K-Earth 101 in Los Angeles is an exception.

They’re still having fun and they sound like it.

Charlie Tuna filled in for Gary Bryant’s morning show this week.  Charlie worked the phones, talked with listeners, and sounded like it was the most fun he’s ever had.

Like Tuna, Shotgun Tom Kelly has played these same songs for forty years. Yet he makes every break sound like he’s playing the song for you for the first time.

This station is a escape for listeners looking to change their mood about economy or problems in the world.

More radio stations need to be like K-Earth 101.

Listen to your own station.  What kind of mood service do you want to be?

This is a time to help people get past the problems of the world.  Every format can be that escape.

Pay close attention to the songs you are playing.  Listen to the message and if your hour is loaded with downers, reconsider the mix.

Programmers sometimes think in terms of ‘format’ and not enough in creating a great radio station.

There are plenty of songs on the charts that have no business playing on your radio station.

In other words, instead of creating a station around ‘format’, such as country.  Create a station around a mood and feel that you want your station to have by using only the right songs.

Country is facing a difficult musical  period in my opinion. There are too few singable songs.

Balance your play list not based on charts or even research, but to make your station perhaps brighter.

In other words, use your ears to make sure your mix is right.

Oldies is pretty easy.  There is tons of great uptempo, happy, singable music.

AC can be a total drag.  This is one of the toughest and requires careful attention to detail.

A mood service is more than music however.

Remember your jocks, imaging and all of the other elements that go into your station create the total sound.

Talk radio can add fun, lighter elements through imaging.  There is no reason to have hard, totally serious production throughout your hour.

It’s time to turn the fun machine on and get that attitude coming through the speakers.

The good mood station is going to be the winner.

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