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14 Nov

Sad news this week to learn of Andrew Ashwood’s passing.

Andrew was PD of WOAI when I was the same at KJ97.  Besides being one of the most genuinely nice people he was always available for support and advice.

He will be very much missed by his many friends.

Don’t be surprised if the Green Bay Packers remember him at their next home game.  Andrew was their biggest fan.

Calls come in daily from people who have been displaced by recent layoffs.

We’ve been through this  before.  This time most of the jobs won’t be coming back.

Sorry to tell you that the job of a disc jockey has gone the way of milkman and the guy who delivered Dugan Bread to my house in New Jersey.

All is not lost however.

There are ways to make a living doing the work you love if  you’re willing to be creative.

Remember companies will pay for ideas.  So look around and match your skills to market needs.

There’s money to be made if you’re willing to think differently.

I was bugged by seeing the CEO of one of the top two or three largest radio groups taking a big bonus for signing his new contract.  This wouldn’t be a problem if his company hadn’t laid off dozens of people who probably really needed the job and the money.

Was the company’s board concerned he wouldn’t sign his contract?


This particular company always claimed to be the best run company in the business.  I’ve worked for them and others and can tell you they’re not.

Based on their current stock price I’m stunned anyone is getting a bonus, especially the CEO.

Perhaps he plans to do the right thing and donate it to charity.


I crack myself up sometimes.

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