We Need A Little Christmas

09 Nov

There seems to be a different mood in the country since Election Day.

The mall stores are busy,  people are out and shopping again.

This is not uncommon after a big election.  But this year the change feels bigger than at other times.

I just visited a major retailer.  The lobby of their offices is decorated with a huge Christmas tree.

We’ve heard all the doom and gloom predictions for this holiday season but their mood was upbeat even excited.

The holidays are more important this year than in most.

We’ve been through eight years of war, recent economic downturn, job loses and uncertainty.  Those things alone say we need something fun to divert our attention.

Make sure your station has the holiday spirit.

Budgets are tight, and staffs are small so a major promotion may seem out of the question.

The best Christmas promotion ever was KDKA’s Children’s Hospital Fund Drive.

KDKA broadcast for three weeks from the windows of Kaufman’s, Horne’s and Gimbels, Department Stores in Downtown Pittsburgh.

The KDKA host would be located in the store window.  A mike was set up on the street so they could talk to the large number of people who came out to see them.

Certainly it was about raising money for the hospital and they did that well.  But more importantly it was about feeling good at Christmas.

I know of no other holiday promotion that connected with a city the way KDKA did with Children’s Hospital.

There was always a line of people outside the window.  School buses brought choirs to perform.  Every parent listened.

The programming was a little hokey with Jack Bogut the morning host asking kids how they collected the money they were donating.  But it was real, warm and very Pittsburgh.

We tried to compete at our station across town knowing KDKA owned Christmas.   In fact I think KDKA forced us to think up good community service projects for the holidays.

But we knew KDKA owned the holiday hands down.

There is still time for your station to be part of the holiday magic this year.

Programs like the Salvation Army Angel Tree are an excellent way to be in the spirit and do some real good this season.

Best of all you’ll be someone’s hero Christmas Morning.

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One response to “We Need A Little Christmas

  1. Scott Larson

    November 14, 2008 at 6:19 pm

    What Christmas Means to me.. by Scott Larson, oh you remember doing that?,, yes me too.. As an all around hat wearer for an AC station here in the midwest, This season will be one of mixed emotions for listeners and programmers.

    I suggest putting a poll on your website and ask your listeners what KIND of music they love the most. then offer them an alternative to the holiday music by streaming your regular content on your site. Obviously smaller market stations can’t accomodate streaming audio. but larger markets can and do.

    Classic Holiday music will always be a winner no matter what.. but that’s just my .002 cents worth.
    Scott Larson
    Kansas City


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