The Sound Of A Paradigm Shifting

26 Oct

There are so many gadgets released today it’s hard to get a ‘wow!” from us about any of them.

The PC was cool but it took time for software and programs to become meaningful.

The Apple products tend to be ‘wow’ items especially among the company’s fans.

Certainly IPOD and IPhone hit the ‘wow’ button.

The Kindle is totally cool.

I know the C word is overused and probably out of date.  But it applies to the Kindle.

Amazon has just released the Kindle, an amazing electronic book reader and then some.

Listen up if you are a fan of books, magazines, blogs and other written material.  This posting is for you.

The Kindle is lightweight and about the size of a paperback. It can hold hundreds of books all easily downloaded from Amazon.

A simple expansion card allows you to save thousands more.

Magazines, newspapers, blogs, music and audio books can be downloaded too.

Bestsellers are priced at around $10 far less than you’d pay for the hardcover version.

Books arrive within seconds of placing your order.

The reading screen is ‘paper quality’ and much easier on the eyes than a computer screen.  There is no back lighting for instance.

The Kindle is not cheap at $359 but for someone who reads lots of papers on line, books and travels too, this is the easy way to keep your stuff together.

Certainly the price will drop over time.

If it catches on, the Kindle will re-invent publishing and could be the savior of newspapers.

It is a great way for morning shows and talk talent to keep their favorite reading material handy.  It is a show prep dream.

Amazon has a demonstration on their website.

Oprah Winfrey featured the Kindle on her show Friday.  Check out her website for more information too.

It’s Oprah’s favorite thing.  And Oprah knows about good stuff.

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