More To Come

19 Oct

Over the years many radio stations have used compilation albums as a promotion vehicle.

WFIL released quite a number of them in the 60s and 70 as did competitor WIBG.

Post Records was the label best known for creating them in that period.  Their slogan was ‘More To Come’.

The albums generally included songs from the recent past.  The audio quality was often poor sometimes sounding like the songs had been taken directly from the 45.

But back then the albums created excitment for the station and gave consumers a way to get a good group of oldies.  The audio part wasn’t all that big a deal since most of us listened to 45s on cheap record players.

Many of the stations that created these albums were AM Top 40s like WKBW, WFIL and KHJ.  Again audio quality wasn’t quite up to 2008 standards.

The station jocks were usually pictured either individually or as a group.

These were great if like me you had a basement radio station.  For a few dollars you suddenly had an oldies collection to play.

Lisa Wheeler of Austin has put together an interesting website that showcases dozens of album covers from this period.

It’s worth a look and will bring back tons of memories.

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