The Right Attitude

09 Oct

There was a time when radio stations always put the listener first.

Take care of your audience and the rest will take care of itself.  It was a simple and reliable formula for success.

WLNG Sag Harbor actually says on the air, ” We never turn our backs on our listeners.”

This station means it.

Listeners are number one.  Period.

They still celebrate birthdays.

The voices of real people are all over the air in commercials, PSAs, and listener calls.

WLNG uses the secret of local newspapers.  Put everyone’s picture in the paper and you’ll have lots of readers.

They put voices all over the air and it sounds like everyone listens.

When did the concept of listener first leave radio?

It is rare to hear a station attempt to make a connection with their audience let alone embrace them.

Is the idea dated?  Perhaps.

But in a world that seems to be getting meaner and less personal, radio can build an audience by being the opposite.

Turn your backs on the audience and they leave.

Have the right attitude and live the mantra “We don’t turn our backs on our listeners” and everyone wins.

While WLNG is ‘live and local’ all day, a voice tracked station can deliver on the same attitude.  It takes work and planning.

I’d love to see a station with the attitude of WLNG in New York City or LA.  I bet they’d crush the competition.

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Posted by on October 9, 2008 in Radio programming


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