Me And My Wifi

07 Oct

A black Emerson Radio made in the 1940s first captured my imagination.

It was around 1960 that my mother brought the radio to me.  I was sick and she hoped it would help me feel better.

Little did she know how that afternoon would change the direction of my life.

The first station I remember listening to was WCBS with Jack Sterling doing mornings I think.

This radio thing was fascinating to a five year old.

Even now you can hand a radio to me and I’ll sit for hours tuning the dial to see what’s on.

But the most amazing device I’ve found is the CCrane WIFI Radio.  It brings the entire world to me.

Pick a location or format and bam you are there.

If WIFI Radio isn’t the future, I can’t wait to see what is.

Having the ability to listen to Oldies from over a hundred sources, or Reggae from WSTX St. Croix and news from 2UE Sydney is great.

It has rekindled my appreciation for local radio.

For a program director it is a great way to hear how other stations sound just like we used the skywave to hear the big Top 40s in the 60 and 70s.

I rarely listen to music radio from local stations.  Now CBS FM, K-Earth or WLNG are a few of the music stations that are always playing in my office.

For variety the morning show on Capital FM in Nairobi Kenya offers something interesting late at night local time.

It’s a good thing I don’t have WIFI in the car.  I’d probably get lost in the radio and drive right by the house.

Any radio junkie will find a whole new world, literally, with the WIFI.

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