Radio With Passion, WLNG Sag Harbor

05 Oct

It is rare to hear a station that has top to bottom passion for doing radio.

WLNG Sag Harbor New York is just such a station.

Paul Sidney is a legend in New York Radio.  He’s been with WLNG since 1963.

WLNG is his brainchild.  He’s jocked, managed and I imagine taken out the trash over the years.

This is radio at its most grass roots level.  And it’s fun!

The station has the same energy and excitement stations had in the 60s and 70s.

It is has its own sound yet is a composite of all the great top forty stations.

WLNG is a jingle collector’s dream.  They play plenty of them between songs.  I can only imagine what the cart racks looked like back in the days of tape.

There are live remotes.  The breaks can be long, but they give the station a very local and committed sound.

Not all remotes are for sales purposes.  This weekend they broadcast a benefit from the Southampton Elks Club Lodge.  They haven’t forgotten the reason to be in radio.  It’s about people and the community.

The jocks are live, even on Sunday afternoon.  They give time checks complete with the old WABC time chime sounder.  Most have been on the air for years and yet they sound like it’s all new and still fun.

It’s nice to hear a station that can give you the Giants score as the game progresses.  They did a live sports update in the middle of Sunday afternoon.

The format as you might guess  is oldies.  They play them all.   But the overall mix always feels like you’re getting the hits.  Even when they dig deep into the catalog to find a deep track.

Based on the spots, it appears they make money.  Too bad more stations can’t be this involved and think they can turn a profit.

Personally I think they’ve found the secret, be involved and the money will follow.

WLNG is one of the most listened to oldies stations on line according to their website.  They’re good listening at

Next time the NAB is looking for legendary station to honor, I hope they consider WLNG.  It’s one of a kind.

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