Keeping Them Coming Back

04 Oct

There are times that you go to the same restaurant for lunch every day for weeks.

Suddenly you just stop for some reason.  It’s not even something you think about.

One week you’re there all the time.  Weeks later you notice you haven’t been back for a while.

What causes a business, television show, or radio station to go from being top of mind to off your radar  over night?

You listen to a particular station daily for months.  Then notice that for some reason you haven’t listened to that station for a while.

Certainly advertising helps.  It reminds you about a business and hopefully keeps it top of mind.

Few radio stations are doing much advertising today.  So how do they keep the top of mind edge?

Worse, many stations that were once top of mind are battling changing demographics in their markets.

Austin has relatively few ‘natives living here.  Most all of my neighbors came from somewhere else in the last ten years.

A heritage station can’t expect people to know they are the heritage station.

Newcomers to any community have no past with the local stations.

A thirty year market leader is a new brand to them.

Many towns are like Austin filled with new people, especially in the sunbelt. Yet,the radio stations continue to take their ‘heritage’ position for granted.

The ratings continue to slip.

What brings you back to that restaurant day after day?

What causes you to not only stop going, but to completely forget about the place?

Make a list of the key things that should bring your audience back every day.  It might be talent, promotions, information or news.

What are you doing to remind the listeners to come back tomorrow?

A restaurant might have great food or terrific atmosphere to bring you in.

As we age music becomes less important in our lives, a station relying solely on a music  is kidding themselves.

Most music stations have stripped out personalities, exciting promotions, content and cut out advertising.

Radio offers far less than a restaurant.

What makes your station memorable?

Will they remember to come back or completely forget about you in the next twenty four hours?

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