Talking The Hits In Times Of Trouble

29 Sep

The Stock Market took the biggest drop in history today.

The House voted down the $700 billion bailout.  That’s billion with a B.

In tuning around the dial it is amazing to hear local talk show hosts talking about anything but the economic crisis.

Amazing, no make that stunning.

There’s a guy in Ohio talking about football.  Are the Buckeyes really what listeners want to talk about today?

He’s not alone, I’ve heard others that are way off track too.

Talk radio is about talking the hits.

Today there is only one topic that matters.  That is what the financial crisis means to Main Street.

Talk is a very easy format.  All you have to do is talk about what people care about.

Think about what is on their minds today.  Pick what is most important.  Then talk about it in interesting ways.

Sure local shows must compete with the national guys for content.  Rush, Hannity and the others will be all over this topic.

A local show that continues to bash Presidential candidates when Rush and Sean have that covered is wasting air time.

This topic can be brought right down to street level.  It impacts every neighborhood in your metro.

The local show must focus on how all this will impact the local community.

This is scary stuff and in some ways radio serves the same role as during a hurricane.  Help listeners understand what is happening and hold their hand through it.

Remember people are concerned about their 401K and even keeping their houses.

This is the time to step up and help.

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Posted by on September 29, 2008 in Radio programming


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