Invasion Of The Neck Ties

18 Sep

The Austin Convention Center is a very busy place this week.

There is a gaming convention.  It’s a cross of geeks and nerds talking about video and other types of games.

About a thousand Hurricane Ike evacuees are making their temporary home there.

A  big convention of suit and ties is also in town.

I’m told they’re all radio people.

The NAB and R&R Conventions are here.

It really doesn’t look like a group of radio folks.

The Hilton lobby is filled with people that look like they belong to a bankers meeting.  But upon closer inspection the attendees badges say “NAB”, not Bank Of America.

It is strange to see so many ties being worn in Austin.

In fact there is probably a law on the books that prohibits more than three people wearing ties from being   within a block of each other.

This sort of thing rarely happens here.

Austin police must be looking the other way otherwise  the jails would be full today.

We’re a pretty tolerant bunch here but so many people in ties makes the locals nervous.

What has happened to radio since I left?

All the Program Directors I’ve seen around the Hilton are dressed like CEOs.

In the old days, ten years ago, PDs might wear a sport jacket, but no tie.

Is all this formality part of what makes radio programming seem so stiff at times these days?

PDs are not CEOs.  It is important to have a business sense, but not become all business.

Lose the ties guys and get back to fun again.

Radio could stand being a little more relaxed.

If you’re in the lobby of the Hilton and see a guy without a tie, it’s me.

Stop by and say hi.

I live here and can’t afford to break the city neck tie laws .


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2 responses to “Invasion Of The Neck Ties

  1. Jim Copeland

    September 19, 2008 at 11:06 pm

    I consider myself fortunate to have worked in radio way back when it really was fun! It used to be about Showbusiness…now, it’s just business. From late in ’73 when I got my first part time gig through sometime in ’86…those were the days! What I can remember of it anyway.

  2. Andrew

    September 22, 2008 at 6:49 pm

    I’d like to see the Dr. House look make a come back, I think Austin would be pretty tolerant of band tees and a sport coat!


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