Radio In A Flat World

16 Sep

If you’ve missing interesting radio, get a WIFI radio.

This thing is amazing.

Instead of being limited to local stations my listening now includes the world.

There’s news on WINS and KFWB.  The Mets pregame is on WFAN.  UK Top 40 is playing on Capital 95.8 London.  Reggae is on WSTX St. Croix. Aussie Classics are on WSFM Sydney.  Hurricane coverage is all over  KILT FM Houston.

That’s just a few of the stations.  There are literally thousands.

So far the biggest disappointment is 93 KHJ in America Samoa sounds like it could be station in Iowa.

They’re good.  Just not what I expected from a station in that part of the world.

Last week I bought a clearance priced HD radio.  It’s been silent since the WIFI arrived.

There is far more variety on WIFI than even XM/Sirius have to offer and it’s free.

HD is a programming wasteland.  Don’t get me started.

WIFI has limitations.   WFAN can’t broadcast the Mets games.

Overall the sound is very good.  I’m not concerned about stereo or amazing audio.  This is a mono radio, that sounds fine to my tin ear.

It is the future.

Whether WIFI radios catch on or a different delivery method arrives, thousands of stations at your fingertips will come to a car or phone near you.

It means the programming challenge becomes tougher for local radio.

The only way to combat the technology is to be as local and connected as possible.  But that is the exact opposite of where local radio appears headed.

Owners better wake up if they want those transmitters to have value.

It’s not the number of songs you play an hour, but how your station connects to the local community that will keep it viable.

Local radio must put more emphasis on product development, not less.

The day is coming that NOVA Sydney will compete for audience in Los Angeles.  Mexico City stations  could dominate the ratings in Phoenix.  1010 WINS becomes a worldwide news brand.

Some internet station without a terrestrial transmitter can become the next big thing.  No rules.  No FCC.  No territorial and signal limits.

Can’t happen?

HBO already blazed that trail in another medium.

Today the lettered TV networks are fighting for their very lives against networks that have no transmitters.

AM is limited by signal coverage and skywave.  FM stops at the horizon.

WIFI goes everywhere in a flat world.


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4 responses to “Radio In A Flat World


    September 17, 2008 at 12:13 am

    What is involved in a WIFI radio? do you have to have to susscribe to a WIFI provider to make it work?

    Please e-mail me an answer if you can.



  2. bree freeman

    September 17, 2008 at 1:48 am

    get an iradiopop usb dongle for your computer = you’ll love it. faster than the wifi radios and abel to hold more presets. and it’s easier to scan for stations. i went through the phase you’re in 2 years ago with a reciva ae. now using torian and the usb dongle… good luck.

  3. Lauri Hahn

    September 17, 2008 at 8:53 pm

    Is there such a thing as a portable wifi radio? I mean, really portable (tiny w/headphones). All I have seen is a clock radio sized plug-in deal for $200. Does anyone know?

  4. alanfurst

    September 18, 2008 at 3:08 am

    There is not subscription at least at this point for WIFI. It is just like a radio but it works off wireless internet. It has thousands of stations from all over the world available. The ‘radio’ tunes much like a normal radio and has presets for favorite stations.

    Thanks for the info on iradiopop. Looks interesting and very affordable.

    I’m not aware of a ‘walkman’ type WIFI. I’m using the CCrane which retails for around
    $200. It’s much like a small clock radio in size.

    These stations are available on your PC, but the WIFI brings them all together with a user friendly system of organization.

    NOVA 96.9 Sydney is an excellent station and worth checking out. Also check out Mix 106.5, WS FM , 2 Day FM and Triple M all from Sydney.



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