We Like Austin Weird

05 Sep

The NAB is coming to Austin.

Let me warn you folks from normal towns like LA, New York and San Francisco that Austin is not like most other places.

It’s a great choice for a convention.

We rank number one or two in beer consumption.

Sixth Street is busy seven nights a week.

Austin is the ‘Live Music Capital Of The World’.  You won’t have a problem finding great music in any number of locations.

The most popular T-shirt you’ll see in town says, “Keep Austin Weird”.

We certainly have our share of ‘weird’, by most standards.

There’s Leslie, who is a 50ish bearded male usually seen around town in a bikini and heels.

Only tourists pay much attention.  He’s pretty normal to us.

Leslie has after all run for mayor at least once.

Occasionally they’ll be a group of street corner preachers at Sixth and Congress hoping to save you from who knows what.

We had pink hair and tattoos here before most of the rest of the  world.  So if we don’t seem  shocked by a pretty blond covered in body tattoos, you shouldn’t be either.

Around here that’s considered art.

You can have the same thing done at a couple of places in South Austin just on the other side of the Ann Richards Bridge.

Austin is a college town.

There are several schools here including the main University of Texas campus with 50,000 students.

We have a ton of old hippies who came to UT and somehow never left mixed with lawmakers, bankers and other business people.

The rich guys are hard to pick out.   Generally they drive the oldest pick up trucks and wear jeans and old boots.

Austin is the Capital of Texas.  You won’t want to miss a look at our beautiful Capitol building on Congress Avenue.

Leave your ties at home.  We’re very casual.

The weather will be warm, some will even think it’s down right hot, even in September.

There is one radio station you should check out while in town that is truly Austin.

KUT 90.5 is the University of Texas station.

It is an NPR affiliate with the usual network shows like Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

In the midday they turn to music and play an eclectic mix of Austin music, some of which is recorded in their studios.

John Aielli hosts a program called Elickikos which is a well thought out free form mix of everything.  Aielli has been on KUT since 1966 and is somewhat of a throwback to radio’s early AOR days.

There’s something very fresh about him though and the more you listen the more you want to hear.

Listen to Aielli right after Morning Edition 9-12.

KUT will give you the true flavor of Austin, its culture and music.

Choosing Austin for the NAB is one of the smartest things they’ve done in years.

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