A Station You Can Count On

01 Sep

You can learn a lot by observing.

WWL is a great teacher this weekend.

We have a ringside seat to one of the year’s biggest stories. The evacuation of nearly two million people from southern Louisiana.

WWL is covering it with calm and the support the community needs.

New Orleans is a little hurricane weary after all.

But you don’t hear that on the air.

The talent is right there along side the other citizens helping each other get through it.

Entercom smartly added the WWL coverage to all of their FM signals. WWL is also carried on other stations in the region.

People are calling from hundreds of miles away to find out about conditions back home.

WWL talent like Garland Robinette handle each caller like a family friend is calling in.

It is a nice change from the typical political shout downs we hear on many talk stations.

News Director Dave Cohen did live updates during the night giving a flavor of what the weather was really like.

The WWL email updates are some of the best features to copy. I am getting them as often as ten minutes apart with word of tornado warnings and power outages.

We don’t use the term ‘full service” much any more in radio. WWL is truly that, a full service station.

There is little to talk about once the evacuation is complete and the storm is still off shore. They did the best thing, by working the phones and letting people tell their evacuation stories.

“We’re here to hold your hand through this” said one host.

That’s what it’s all about.

I’m sure the staff at WWL just see it as doing their job.

But they really deserve some sort of special recognition for a job very well done.

No, for an outstanding job.

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One response to “A Station You Can Count On

  1. John

    September 2, 2008 at 10:44 pm

    WWL rocked and continues to rock. The callers knew the station was THE franchise to turn to. How many other stations can make that claim regardless of their format? In fact, WWL-TV used WWL live-to-air audio for news conferences they couldn’t staff with their own reporters and live trucks. Now, you would hope that adjacent channel clears would turn off that damn IBOC so listeners don’t have to wade through the ‘storm surge’ of interference. Are you listening WCBS?


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