The Mother Of All Storms

31 Aug

The caller to WWL said “I’m on I-10 in Beaumont listening to you guys, because there is no local coverage here.”

This was around 9:45 on Saturday night.

She was referring to the evacuation of a hundreds of thousands of people from southern Louisiana.

That call was testimony as to why stations like WWL and their 50KW signals continue to be important.

The big AM signals go and go when FM stops at the horizon.

Many evacuees will be in places like Shreveport, Memphis, and points far to the east and west. Nobody knows for how long.

They’ll rely on WWL to get the news from back home.

Just as importantly people outside of New Orleans with family and friends in the area will listen to WWL for information throughout the crisis.

Their coverage is brilliant.

A mix of important information and support for the community.

The talent is calm but sending the serious message that residents must evacuate.

They have a steady stream of city and parish officials on air mixed with calls from listeners.

Entercom is broadcasting WWL on all of their New Orleans stations as of Saturday.

Tell me again why more big AM stations can’t be run like WWL with local talent and well stocked news rooms?

I shutter to think what the evacuation in New Orleans would be like if WWL were run like so many other AM stations. You know the kind, filled with network shows and down to a handful of people in the newsroom.

It’s truly terrible news that New Orleans is in the path of another major storm.

Thankfully they have WWL to lean on.

We’re all hoping this turns out better than it looks.

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One response to “The Mother Of All Storms

  1. Gene in Tulsa

    September 1, 2008 at 4:40 am

    Here in Tulsa I tried NewsTalk 740 KRMG, I tried Tulsa’s Talk Radio 1170 KFAQ, I tried NPR 89.5 KWGS, I tried (TV) NBC-2, CBS-6, ABC-8, PBS-11, Fox-23, CW-41, and 2 & 6’s .2 channels (WEATHER channels for heaven’s sake) for continuous coverage of the hurricane emergency. KRMG was doing a medical show, KFAQ was running old radio shows, and KWGS was running the Folk Sampler.

    Who was providing coverage?

    AM 870… WWL, direct from New Orleans!

    At times the signal into Tulsa, Oklahoma sounds local; very impressive.

    Yes, Fox News, CNN, The Weather Channel, etc are doing continuous or near continuous coverage, but if you’re in the car or don’t have cable or satellite, grab that trusty AM radio.

    If you find you like the local coverage better than the news network coverage, you can hear them crystal clear (and with stereo bumper beds and promos!) at The Silverlight stream sounds better, but takes more computer resources… if you’re on a really slow computer, you might avoid Silverlight and use the Windows Media Player stream.

    For those with friends & loved ones in the gulf coast, WWL’s website is an invaluable resource.


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