Uncle Ted

30 Aug

Ted Roberts is virtually unknown as a radio personality in the United States.

He broadcasts his radio show from studios in Washington D.C to listeners thousands of miles away.

Ted hosts Nightline Africa on The Voice Of America.

He calls it “The Peoples Program”.

When you listen, you’ll quickly understand why.

The show is filled with greetings, calls from listeners and warmth.

There’s plenty of warmth.

But that’s Ted.

Uncle Ted as he’s known, sounds like he could be your Uncle.

I’m not really sure how long Ted has been on VOA. He’s clearly a seasoned broadcaster.

The program is done in English.

Ted’s own accent is difficult to pinpoint. African in origin would be my guess.

He brings different people from a wide range of cultures together for a program of information, music and fun.

Uncle Ted is one of our most important ambassadors.

He speaks directly to the people throughout Africa. Ted talks about their hopes, dreams, their kids.

He brings the American beacon of hope to people he’ll never meet.

Catch your tax dollars doing good work.

Listen to Uncle Ted on the VOA.

He is easily heard around 2 in the afternoon in the US on 15.410 shortwave.

If you like good radio. You’ll love Uncle Ted.

Just like they love him in every country in Africa.

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