The Bear Is Awake

29 Aug

Now sobering news.

The Russians test fired a a new stealth long range nuclear missile capable of traveling 6,125 miles yesterday.

It’s big news when Iran sends a scud into the air.

This is Russia.

They are the serious guys.

But did you hear about it on your local news?

Probably not.

Have you heard much about the tensions between our two counties?

Survey ten people and at least nine will not be aware of the serious threats Russia is making.

Talk shows are filled with the same old political bashing.

Listen to The Voice Of Russia on shortwave. It sounds like a Cold War version of Radio Moscow.

They don’t say nice things about us.

We thought they were our friends.

It would not surprise me to wake up one more morning to find our country at war. Not with Iran, but with Russia.

How could we as Americans not know about this?


We have no real news coverage.

Our news services somehow decided we’re not interested in international news, so they don’t report it.

Angie and Brad’s twins are more important. They live overseas, that’s international news.

The missile story could have been a lead or close to the top.

Our national talk shows should be all over it.

This is why we need serious news service.

Perhaps we need a real FCC again.

The market place is failing the people.

The bear is out of hibernation.

Our media needs to be watching out for us.


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3 responses to “The Bear Is Awake

  1. Paul Rasmussen

    August 30, 2008 at 11:15 am

    The Russians have had for decades long-range ICBM’s, Alan. It’s not as newsworthy as Putin’s comments in recent days that the U.S. triggered the Georgia conflict to give the presidential candidates a “talking point” or Dimitri Medvedev’s suggestion that a “military response” could be forthcoming if the U.S. puts a missile shield base in Poland or a Russian general’s warning that a “nuclear” response to the Poland-based shield was on the table of options.

    Those stories did make the news services I work with every day, and were heard in Pittsburgh. I made sure of it. I also give good marks to the networks for the coverage of the Russia-Georgia conflict.

    I’m a regular reader of your blog, having found out about it in my boss’s office. (He’s the only person I’ve met more voracious than me when it comes to keeping up with the medium.) I agree with a good deal in your posts, but feel it important to offer another view on this topic.

  2. alanfurst

    August 30, 2008 at 2:32 pm

    True they have had long range missiles. This one one can carry a nuclear warhead to the UK from Russia. It really is all part all of the things happening, in the region. We have Navy and Coast Guard ships bringing relief supplies within a few miles of Russian Navy ships. In my dial scan there was scant mention of it here in Austin. That’s what concerns me I guess and brought to write the post. Let’s hope we don’t have some incident that triggers something bigger. From by talking to people, I find most Americans would be caught completely by surprise by a conflict with Russia. But then I also know we can’t make people pay attention if Brad and Angie are more important to them.

  3. George

    August 31, 2008 at 2:55 am

    I checked Reuters and they didn’t cover the story either. And they’re not an American news service.

    Their last mention of a Russian missile test was in June of 2007. MSNBC covered that one too.

    How about VOA? Did they cover it?

    You must be joking about the FCC. They have no budget to do anything, including keep radio pirates off the air. With all the money problems this country is in, the last place a government will devote any money is the FCC.

    It’s more likely to spent it on VOA.


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