The Mad Butcher

27 Aug

The Mad Butcher is a character.

He is one of the biggest radio advertisers in New Zealand and everybody knows him.

If you’re not in hiding you’re automatically gonna be pretty well known in New Zealand.

There are less than four and half million people in the whole country.

There’s no special exchange rate or anything for calculating the population figures of small countries. The population is what it is.

New Zealand has about 250 radio stations.

You want me to do that math again?

Four and a half million people and 250 radio stations.

That’s Atlanta with a very crowded radio dial.

I know.

It doesn’t make much sense.

It’s a wonder there’s room for sheep.

And that’s why they are so good at running radio networks. It’s the only way they can be profitable.

But even in a place as intimate as New Zealand, The Mad Butcher advertises like a madman.

He knows the value of radio.

There is hardly a party in the US like one the Mad Butcher throws before each Auckland Warriors Footy game.

Footy is rugby.

Kiwis and Aussies sound tough but they tend to add ‘y’ to lots of names and nouns.

It sort of helps take the manly edge off.

These blokes would be scary otherwise.

A first timer to the Mad Butcher’s party is required to sing for the crowd.

You’re allowed to use lots of beer as a lubricant.

But sing you must.

And sing I did.

My sentence was to leave the country within 48 hours of my performance.

I was that good.

The Mad Butcher said so.

New Zealand radio is filled with personality.

People can be stars there even when they just own a butcher shop.

A popular Breakfast Show talent can be as big as Jay Leno is here in the US.

These stations are within earshot with the internet or with a WIFI radio.

News Talk fans should look for News Talk ZB pronounced Zed B.

There are a number of fine stations easily located on Google.

This is a good way to look for fresh ideas and hear excellent production.

Hearing the Mad Butcher in action is worth it.

I promise.

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