My Wild Streak

21 Aug

Our cat Meow, yes that is her name ask her, sits by the garage door most nights waiting for lizards to appear.

Meow can sit for hours, and hours waiting, just waiting.

She’s waiting poised at the ready for the moment when a lizard invades her territory.

She loves to bat them around, or get them into her little game of hunting them down. (“You be the mouse, I’ll be the cat, ok?”)

Meow was a wild cat and lived in our neighborhood before she moved in with us.

Don’t let her calm demeanor fool you.

She has the wild streak of a hunter in her.

I’ve carefully observed Meow’s approach and learned her technique.

I use it while sitting by my computer watching, and watching the screen.

I wait.

Sometimes I wait and wait.

When I wait, I’m waiting for a number.

The little red number that signals that a comment has arrived.

I don’t have a streak as wild as Meow’s.

You can tell we’re related though. We have the same patience.

The comments come from readers to the blog.

Thanks to all who take time to comment about postings.

I appreciate them.

Also I enjoy getting emails which you can send to

Comments never have to agree with me of course.

Please express your opinion.

If you think I’m wrong, say so. My wife does, and she generally just tells me in person.

Meow is having a rough week. She is suffering with kidney stones.

My Uncle has trouble with kidney stones.

Meow heard they run in the family and wishes the neighbor next door would have adopted her.

Please help Meow’s Friends by adopting a homeless cat or dog or by making a donation to your local animal rescue or shelter.



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