Re-inventing Yourself

13 Aug

AOL has an article about jobs that are disappearing at radio.

It comes as no surprise to those of us who work in or around the business.

Hardly a day passes that I don’t get a least one call or email from someone frustrated by a job search.

It’s very tough out there.

The jobs are scarce.

Pay appears to be way down.

Yesterday for example a long time major market PD who is ‘between engagements’ told me he was offered a medium market job that paid in the mid $30,000 range.

That same job would have paid double that ten years ago.

He was used to making double even that in his old job.

Quite a shock.

How stations expect to attract experienced people with such low money is beyond me.

Supply and demand can only take you so far. People have to eat, pay bills and buy gas to get to work.

If you are between jobs, don’t wait for radio to suddenly wake up. I don’t think they will.

Nobody can guarantee your employment. It’s up to you to guarantee your employability.

Therefore start looking at ways you can do something on your own.

Perhaps you can set up a voice tracking business from your third bedroom. Stations will pay for that and with enough stations you can make a nice living.

Stations need talent to pinch hit in morning news, as morning air talent, etc. Set up an ISDN in your house and become a mini network, or send MP3 files.

Maybe you can find a few stations to program from off site. With stations offering so little money for a PD, maybe they’ll take a major market PD who’ll do the music, find the voice trackers, write and produce the imaging from a remote location.

It’s better than putting a rookie in charge, and that’s your sales pitch.

Two or three of those and you can be in good shape.

Think differently.

What do you bring to the table?

Get outside the box.

This is war.

Your own survival depends on it.

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