The Brand New Heavies

10 Aug

People seem to have a fascination with Platinum 96.7 Dallas-Fort Worth.

Platinum 96.7 is one of the most searched postings on this blog.

Some of my comments brought out heated emotion from readers.

One or two probably came from the PDs mother. Hey, I’d defend my kid’s station too.

Just because it’s my blog doesn’t mean I’m right. It just means it’s my blog.

You may recall I wasn’t impressed with the station.

In all seriousness two way communication is one of the great points of blogging. I enjoy hearing opposing view points.

Platinum 96.7 is not a “Classic Hits’ station in the truest sense. Not that stations have to fit a clear format category to be successful.

For discussion purposes I’d describe it as a soft 70s with some 60s and 80s thrown in.

Here’s a sampling of songs you’ll hear.

Mac Davis Baby, Don’t Get Hooked On Me

America Lonely People

Cornelius Brothers And Sister Rose Treat Her Like A Lady

John Denver Back Home Again

Firefall You Are The Woman

The Fortunes Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling

Dolly Parton I Will Always Love You

Seals And Crofts Summer Breeze

Tom Jones It’s Not Unusual

Eddy Holman Hey There Lonely Girl

Gilbert O’Sullivan Alone Again (Naturally)

5Th Dimension One Less Bell To Answer

Gordon Lightfoot Carefree Highway

Alive And Kicking Tighter And Tighter

American Sister Golden Hair

Ok, maybe soft oldies.

I fail to see where it has much appeal in the key money demos 25-54.

But It will get some curiosity cume for a while.

More than one person accused me of wanting to program just for ‘young people like me’.

Well thank you, but since I’m 53 and think this format is for people who are at youngest 55+, that argument doesn’t fly.

My real point in the posting was this; there is lots of great music being released and I don’t understand why radio always goes back to playing the same tired stuff.

Are old John Denver songs really the answer to today’s ratings problems?

It’s hard to believe that people crave hearing Gilbert O’Sullivan mixed with Anne Murray simply because these artists have been missing from radio for so long.

They were off the air because most people didn’t want to hear them anymore.

I also said Platinum is loaded with hackneyed radio language that added to the staleness.

Today’s 50 year old is a lot more contemporary in thinking than Platinum gives them credit for.

In fact Platinum feels more 65+ than 50+.

Oops now I’ve made them really mad.

People ask me all the time why retailers play more innovative music than radio.

I have no answer. I don’t know why.

Well yes I do.

Radio is not controlled by programmers.

Quick name the real ‘heavies’ in programming today, the Ron Jacobs, Bill Drakes, Lee Abrams, Paul Drews, Ed Salamons.

The people who like it or not everyone looked toward as leaders.


There really aren’t any.

Radio is a sales vehicle. Sales guys are running it with some friends from accounting.

Programmers are just trying to get ratings numbers this quarter, this book.

The job is not to worry about next year at least for right now.

It’s that simple.

So bring on the known.

John Denver might work for for this book at least.

Next book?

We’ll figure out next book, well next book.

One of these days somebody’s going to break out of the pack. And when they do, it won’t be with a Jack, Jammin’ or Movin’.

It will be something so completely different the only people who’ll get will be the listeners.

Can’t wait to hear it.

But we need some ‘heavies’ again.


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2 responses to “The Brand New Heavies

  1. Susan

    November 12, 2008 at 11:38 am

    Relax……this station has its purpose. Speaking from the viewpoint of a “child of the 70’s”, I find the music very comforting & spiritually healing…….like its a narration of my past present future… it!

    I think they know what they’re doing.

  2. Carla Smith

    December 22, 2008 at 10:28 pm

    Mr. Furst,

    Your problem is that you are ONLY looking for “the next BIG thing”, and refuse to accept as legitimate ANYTHING that isn’t trying to get out there and be what YOU are looking for.

    MANY long-standing businesses got that way by fulfilling a niche market they found. Think: a website to post Black Friday ads; Charm City Cakes; Feed Lot Magazine. Not to mention, a website exclusively for bloggers (a word which itself was unknown only a few years ago).

    KLUV became so popular in the 80’s because it offered something besides the drivel being played on all those “next BIG thing” stations. Which stations, you will notice, are all gone now.

    Platinum 96.7 isn’t trying to take over the world, just “be there” for those of us looking for something to turn to when we have had enough of the noise that we weren’t listening to on its first go-round.

    And now, because they have to follow a format, KLUV may soon lose a lot of listeners, like myself, who were never impressed with the gibberish of the 80’s, which, unfortunately, is where KLUV’s format is leading them.


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