What Have You Done For A P1 Lately?

07 Aug

The back row of an empty Southwest Airlines plane is my favorite place to think.

I’d have be classified as a Southwest P1.

I go out of my way to fly with them and avoid the others.

Maybe it’s because I’ve had so few problems with Southwest over the years.

So as I sat in the last row of Southwest 697 I pondered what it means to be a P1 to a brand.

Southwest does the little stuff.

This morning the printer ran out of boarding passes and someone quickly jumped in to print my second boarding pass so I didn’t have to wait.

We joked with the the counter people at 5 AM.

Once on a Friday afternoon flight out of St. Louis the flight attendants made everyone remove their ties before we took off. It was great fun.

That was twenty years ago, and I still tell that story.

Delta closed the door in my face once and it was the last flight home that night. Forget that it was THEIR connecting flight that caused me to be late.

USAir lost my luggage in Greenville for three days, only to return it to me on my way out of town. Thanks.

I can’t count how many nights American has stranded me in Dallas without so much as a ‘sorry’.

Even spunky Jet Blue gives me free TV but charges for extra leg room whether I want it or not.

Southwest never does that stuff to me.

If they do maybe I just don’t notice.

Even when the weather is bad, things work out.

As a ‘P1’ I know all about the trouble they had launching the airline years ago.

I’ve never met Herb Kelleher but he seems more like a family member than some of my own.

When I call Southwest on the phone a real person answers. Amazing.

The website is easy to understand.

The overall attitude of the company is about serving my needs.

It’s all pretty simple really. So why don’t the other airlines pick up on what they do and just do the same?

Beats me.

As Tony Robbins says, “success leaves clues”.

Southwest Airlines leaves clues all over the place, yet the others miss them.

What clues are you missing when it comes to your P1s?

Are your phones going unanswered or worse just placed on hold forever?

Is your station providing updated weather when serious weather is near, even at night and on weekends?

In short, what are you doing to build or betray the trust?

Is your station closer to being Southwest Airlines or Delta?

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