The One And Only Paul Harvey

05 Aug

There is only one Paul Harvey.

The idea that you can replace him is well, silly.

The man is one of a kind.

ABC has looked for a solution to his mortality for the past twenty years. So far as we know they have come up empty.

Mr. Harvey has had a tremendous run on radio. But clearly his recent absence from the mic demonstrates he can’t go on forever.

We wish he could.

But face reality.

There was discussion as early as the mid 1980s about who would replace him. In all this time no heir apparent has surfaced.

That should tell us something.

You don’t replace legends.

The network is hoping to hold on to affiliates and sponsors. We understand that.

Few stations have room for 15 minutes of news and comment in today’s syndicated schedule.

Most music stations dropped the show years ago.

To my ear the show is out of step with today’s news talk product. It’s somewhat dated and tired.

If it were my station, it’d make the call that no one wants to make, hard as that is.

But how hard is it really?

The star hasn’t been part of the show for an extended period of time.

It is his show in name only.

The day will come when no matter what the network does, Mr. Harvey won’t be part of the show.

What will it be called then?

Certainly not Paul Harvey News and Comment.

That should tell you it’s not forever.

And that makes it an easy call.

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Posted by on August 5, 2008 in Radio programming


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One response to “The One And Only Paul Harvey

  1. I.H.

    August 7, 2008 at 11:17 am

    Alan: While it is true Paul Harvey’s a singular talent, it didn’t have to be that way. ABC could have made the “news and comment” franchise its own, but allowed it to become Paul’s over the years. And there is a new Paul Harvey, in a manner of speaking. That would be Rush Limbaugh, who calls himself “America’s anchorman.” Some will argue that the two are very different, but in concept they are very much alike. There’s an opportunity for ABC (or any other net forthat matter) with Paul’s gradual departure to try something new and set into motion the next Harvey/Limbaugh success story.

    Oops. I forgot. The salesmen and bean counters running our industry have little or no interest in discovering, developing and promoting talent and programming. If it can’t be cut, downsized or automated, they’re not interested.


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