The Boy’s Club

03 Aug

There is morning show in town that is built around three persons, two guys and a woman.

The female talent recently left the show apparently because she could not reach agreement on a new contract.

The remaining players took time to explain her departure to the audience.

“And we’ll have a new girl soon”. they said.

A girl?

Is that something like Porter Wagoner hiring a new girl singer to replace Dolly Parton forty years ago?

They pointed out that she was the fourth ‘girl’ to have worked on the show with them.

No wonder there’s been so much turnover in the position.

These two don’t get it.

It should be pointed out that the format for this station is Country and that means women are at least sixty percent of the audience.

Is it any wonder the stations’s ratings have slipped from mid teens to fives in the past ten years with that attitude?

They have placed a strong invisible barrier between themselves and their audience. You only have to listen for a short time to know how they really feel about their female co-workers, and the female audience.

They probably missed the point of who the real star of the show was. But, maybe they didn’t and their male egos can’t handle it.

I hope whomever takes the job next will listen long and hard to previous shows so she has a clear understanding of her diminished role.

Listen to your morning show. Make sure your female talent has an equal role to the male players.

Put downs are often subtle but your female audience hears them loud and clear.

Country morning shows are often driven by strong female talent. I think of Pam Ivey on KIKK Houston in the 90s, Pam Tyler at Y100, KJ 97 San Antonio, Debbie Conner WIL St.Louis in the 90s, and currently Becky Palmer at B104.7 Syracuse.

No one in that crowd has to take a backseat to anybody.

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