Radio Geek, or Is It Nerd? (You’re a Dweeb Dad)

19 Jul

If you read these pages you know radios are my weakness.

Big ones, small ones. New ones, old ones.

Universal Radio in Reynoldsburg Ohio is my favorite store. I make a pilgrimage there a couple of times a year.

In between trips the Universal website is a regular destination for me.

DXing AM radio is my life-long passion. I’d much rather hear Mexican League Baseball coming through the static on XEMR than something clear on XM.

A few of my favorite radios…

Grundig’s new G4 is a compact AM/FM/SW/LW radio with MP3 recorder. It records and plays back broadcasts and mp3 files, which is very handy for radio PDs. It takes a little time to learn, but seems to be a good travel companion.

The Grundig G5 is slightly larger, it does not record but has excellent sensitivity. It is a pretty good DX radio and excellent for traveling.

Sangean DT 200V X is shirtpocket size and a little power house for DX. It has a nice digital display and surprisingly good sensitivity, especially for AM DX.

The Sony 2010 is out of production but a classic. Universal had several refurbished models on sale. This is a truly great radio.

The Sony 7600 now offered as 7600GR is about the same size as the G5. It is close to the 2010 in quality. But the 2010 is more fun to use.

For tabletop AOR 7030 is outstanding with great audio. I just bought software to control mine which is a totally new experience.

The ICOM R 75 is a good receiver but the audio is not as good as the AOR 7030. Still I’ve made some good DX catches on it.

Eton E1 XM is a very good DX radio too. It has many good features and easier to use than the others.

A good radio is important, but the right antenna is critical.

Gerry Thomas of Radio Plus in Pensacola Florida makes the Quantum Loop by hand. This tunable, directable loop comes in a couple of versions and sells for around $200 and well worth the price.

I can’t say enough about the quality of Gerry’s work and his service. Their site is

The best DX radio I ever owned was the first one. A 1940s era Emerson.

That radio takes an honored spot in my office.

The dial still has the location of WMTR marked by pencil to find the school closings.

Don Barry was an early hero of mine.

He read them.

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