Stormy Weather Ahead

04 Jul

People living on the coasts don’t want to hear it, but Hurricane season is back.

Bertha is the second named storm of the Atlantic season.

It is far out to sea and potential landfall is yet unknown.

This is the time to prepare especially if your station is in a region where the big storms track.

There are several good websites with great information.

The Hurricane Watch Net is one is one of the best. It is located at

The site contains information about active storms and provides the latest coordinates and graphics.

It was especially helpful three years ago when Rita was headed toward Houston and we needed to evacuate family.

Amateur radio operators man a network when a storm is near landfall. A shortwave radio is all you need to hear them.

The frequencies and times the network is active are updated on the Hurricane Watch website.

It is a good idea to collect frequencies for NOAA, FEMA, Red Cross, and other emergency services. Even hurricane hunters can be heard as they fly into the storm.

The National Hurricane Center Website is

Monitoring Times has a great website filled with frequencies. The link is

A good communications receiver can be very helpful during storms. But, most of these services are heard with an inexpensive shortwave radio provided it can receive in upper and lower sidebands.

The Sony 7600GR and Grundig G5 sell for around $150. Both are small, but excellent radios.

Grove Electronics, Universal Radio and Radio Shack are just a few places you can find shortwave radios.

To learn more about shortwave and utility stations, try these publications.

  • Monitoring Times Magazine
  • Passport To World Band Radio (updated annually and available in most book stores)
  • The Shortwave Listening Guidebook By Harry Helms (available at Universal Radio)
  • The Complete Shortwave Listeners Handbook By Hank Bennett, Harry Helms and David Hardy. (Also through Universal Radio) Universal Website is linked to the right of this posting.
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