The Less You Get It, The Better

02 Jul

About five years ago my youngest son did a project at his high school that surveyed radio listening among students.

The findings would shock most broadcasters.

The students at that high school did very little listening to radio.

Fast forward to today.

If you surveyed that same group of kids they would probably say they listen even less.

He’s in college now, and most of Andrew’s friends never listen to radio.

They all listen to music and are constantly finding new and interesting bands.

But those bands rarely make it to radio and if they do it’s when they are ‘over’ in their eyes.

Broadcasters have their head in the sand or somewhere else, it they believe this generation is like the last one.

They are not.

IPODS, Facebook, You Tube and all of the interactive sites are their media world.

Radio is something your parents might listen to, no your grandparents.

It’s that far off the radar.

Radio doesn’t speak their language, talk about their interests or play their music.

What happened to the program directors that lived and breathed the audience?

Top 40 PDs of an earlier generation spent time in the schools and sock hops to find out what the audience cared about and to learn their language.

I know CHR PDs today that just go home to the suburbs at night. Their only contact with the listener is when they are looking at the callout.

Ever wonder how research companies contact the participants? None of the people in this age group that I know have home phones.

Makes you wonder about the research.

Radio owners have a very serious problem on their hands.

I don’t know how radio will win younger listeners back.

Perhaps a company should hand over a signal to this twenty-something group to allow them to create their own radio station.

Pick some smart creative types and let them go at it.

The result will probably be a great interactive website with a radio station attached.

Not the other way around.

My guess is you won’t get it at all, but they will.

And there’s the win.

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One response to “The Less You Get It, The Better

  1. quepilline

    August 3, 2008 at 2:44 am

    I agreed with you


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