This Bud’s Problem Is For You

01 Jul

Anheuser Busch announced it will cut radio spending during the second half of this year.

AB spent 38 million dollars last year on radio advertising alone. How much of that goes directly to local radio was unclear.

Losing a big spender like Bud will send shock waves through an already nervous radio community.

It means fewer “Real Men Of Genius” commercials playing in sports broadcasts.

Advertising Age reports Anheuser Busch made the cuts as part of defense against a potential hostile take over.

That would actually be good news for the radio industry.

However, if AB did it because they find radio less effective at selling suds,  bigger problems are on the horizon.

Let’s hope that’s not the case, but couple this news with an already soft, uncertain economy and you can expect changes.

My first though was “here come even tighter operating budgets”.

Program Directors, are wise to take a hard look at department expenses now.

Make spending adjustments before you’re told to do it.

The more careful you are with dollars, the better the chances of preventing layoffs as the economy softens.

Do it to protect your staff.

Don’t let real men of genius control your fate.

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