None Of My Business, But…

29 Jun

All I know about newspapers is what I read.

I started reading them as a kid and have kept it up all my life.

From what I read, I’m glad not to be in the newspaper business.

From what what I see, nobody should be in the newspaper business.

I imagine newspaper management still talk about increasing circulation.

The papers offer free trial subscriptions and free samples at local stores in hopes you’ll sign up.

I counted forty newspapers on driveways around my neighborhood during my morning walk. There are three hundred or so homes on my route. That isn’t a very good ratio.

Forty years ago ninety percent of the houses in our neighborhood took at least one of the papers. Four offered home delivery, two from Newark, one from Morristown and another from Dover.

The New York papers were available at the drug store in town.

Fifteen years ago my son delivered the Syracuse Post-Standard. Sixty percent of the available homes on his route took the paper.

Big companies are trying to modernize the product by changing the writing or adding sidebars and bullet points.

Ok guys. Here’s advice from a long time newspaper reader.

Get out of the newspaper business.

Think information delivery.

How you deliver information is wide open.

Better color didn’t work. Smaller papers, didn’t work, more column inches, fewer column inches, didn’t work.

Western Union is still around and I bet they’re not using the telegraph today. How did they survive?

Killing more trees isn’t the answer.

Imagine the promotional buzz from the first newspaper to ‘go green’ and announce they are out of the newspaper business.

It might be the first to go green at the bank too.

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