Cowards Strike At Midnight

17 Jun

The cowards finally did it. And they waited until the middle of the night too.

The Mets dismissed Willie Randolph and two of his coaches after midnight Los Angeles time.

Unexpected, no.

Bizarre timing? Absolutely.

The Mets had just won three out of four.

They had just beaten the first place Los Angeles Angeles 9-6.

So why now?

No idea.

Who would want to work for a company that treats their people this way?

The Wilpons let Willie twist in the wind for weeks. Then they let him board the plane to Los Angeles only to get whacked at midnight.


But then baseball owners are known more for their money and ego than brains.

Maybe the circus is over and the team can get down to playing baseball. But somehow that seems unlikely.

How will fans react? The Wilpons don’t care they’ll hide in their luxury box.

General Manager Omar Minaya survives but with a considerably shorter leash.

Willie Randolph, Rick Peterson and Tom Nieto all deserved better.

What did Nieto do that deserved firing? Perhaps he just took shrapnel.

He was in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

All will land on their feet. None are going to be hurting for cash.

But that’s not the point.

This was unnecessary and perhaps the worst timing of any firing in baseball history.

Same old stupid moves. Made by same old dumb ownership.

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