“The Story Untold”

06 Jun

Good local radio exists in almost every market if you look for it.

KRVN Lexington Nebraska is a great station designed to serve a specific audience.

It was born out of necessity in 1948.

The severity of a blizzard caught the state by surprise. It was believed the lives of many livestock could have been saved if adequate weather coverage was available to farmers.

Several other events including loss of grain reports on another station pointed out the need for a radio service dedicated to the state’s farmers.

The Nebraska Rural Radio Association applied for a license in 1949.

Lexington was chosen because of its central location.

KRVN gained permission to broadcast in 1951 and eventually moved the frequency to 880 increasing the power to 50,000.

It is still farmer owned today.

Stations like KRVN play a major role in the lives of people living far from metropolitan areas.

It is not a flashy highly produced station. KRVN is 100% about content needed by its audience.

Last night was a great example of the service they provide.

The announcer filled the night with continuous reports of severe weather. Storm after storm, warning after warning he stayed with it until the threat passed.

It was great radio to my ears.

There was no syndicated talk host ranting about why the other side is bad.

KRVN calmly provided useful information by someone who clearly knows the area and is able to add depth to the weather service reports.

This is just one of a million reasons radio is important to people.

It is the story never told on quarterly investor calls.

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