Skating The Cup

05 Jun

The Stanley Cup is like no other trophy in sport.

It represents hard work that began when those players first learned to skate by pushing a chair around the ice at age two.

It belongs to the parents who woke their kids at five am to get them to practice at six.

It is all the road trips in the back of the station wagon through snowy towns like Pulaski and Binghamton.

It is the only trophy that has the name of every winning player engraved.

Only cup winners are allowed to hold it over their head.

Each winning player gets the cup for one day in the off season. It’s been boating, flying and used for drinking. Oh, the stories it could tell.

The Stanley Cup is no ordinary trophy.

It represents more than hard work. It is the dream of every hockey kid.

It has been THE DREAM for every player on the winning and losing teams since they were that hockey kid.

Championships are always special in sport. But none is quite the same as seeing a team win the Stanley Cup.

I am left in awe every year even when my team doesn’t win. Which is every year except 1995.

My wife turns on the television just to see the winner ‘skate the Cup’.

That in itself tells me the Stanley Cup is no ordinary trophy.

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