Eye Of The Camera

04 Jun

This is not a political statement about who should be President.

Last night’s television speeches by the three main candidates showed a sharp contrast in style.

It also might be a signal of what is to come.

John McCain spoke first on a night he should have avoided television. This is not his medium, at all.

Hillary Clinton, although somewhat long winded knocked it out of the park.

Then came Barack Obama. Television is his place. Obama is a natural speaker and clearly grabs the audience.

McCain seemed like Richard Nixon in the famous 1960 television debate with John F Kennedy.

The wrong person in the wrong venue.

Those listening on radio that night gave Nixon the win. But television viewers saw him as dark and evil.

Kennedy looked and acted like the future.

McCain better get some coaching fast. He’s going to be on television a lot.

The real problem is one consultants can’t fix. Talent.

McCain could be the greatest lawmaker ever. But he is a terrible speaker on television and made worse against a superstar like Obama.

Recently McCain stopped by the Arizona Diamondbacks radio broadcast. He was warm, fun and charming. This is where he can shine.

The medium is the message. McCain’s message won’t play in a visual medium, especially against someone who has mastered it.

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