Great Talk Radio Is Emotion

31 May

When did talk show hosts decide that hanging up on callers is great radio?

It just shows that the host is pretty shallow.

It also demonstrates they have not done their homework.

Good talk radio is a balance of real debate, and entertainment. Good hosts know this.

The best topics have a way of polarizing the audience.

You want your audience to have an emotional reaction to your subject matter. The last thing you want is for everyone to simply agree with you.

Never word a topic in a way that the listener can have either a yes or no answer. You want them to state why they feel the way they do.

It’s not ‘yes’ or ‘no’, but the ‘why’ you want them talking about on the phones.

Lots of people listen to Rush Limbaugh just to disagree, even to get mad.

Many won’t admit they like his show or even listen.

I love when someone says, “I never listen to Rush, did you hear what he said yesterday?”.

They listen to have their opinion affirmed, or to be mad at what he said.

One-sided conversations don’t build ratings.

If you want to win, you better take time to word the topics correctly.

Go for the emotion.

Require your talent to do their homework.

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