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Writing For The Wastebasket

This blog began as something for radio program directors. I hope to offer some useful ideas at least occasionally.

To use a Civil War term, “I’ve seen the elephant” It means you’ve been in battle.

Believe me, I’ve seen a few elephants.

Blogs are about anything you want them to be about. Whether people read them or not is secondary.

I don’t remember the writer who first said it, but it is good advice, “Write for the wastebasket.”

So that’s what I do.

Some of it comes out pretty good, at least to my satisfaction. I’m sure some readers would suggest it all belongs in the wastebasket.

That’s the great thing about having a blog. I get to decide what to keep.

Not all ideas are going to be good. Writing for the wastebasket takes the pressure off having to be good all the time.

If it’s good. Great.

If not, oh well.

Writing and rewriting helps you generate new ideas, and hopefully something better.

I like writing for the wastebasket as a standard practice for morning and talk shows.

Keep writing. Keep creating and decide later whether the idea is good enough.

Avoid falling in love with your own writing and ideas.

I always wait a day before deciding to publish a piece on this blog. Sometimes what looks good in the evening is pretty awful the next morning.

The late Professor James Carty of Bethany College put it best. “Write, write and re-write”.

At this moment I have at least five articles in various stages of development. Not all will make it to the blog. Some will go through extensive re-writes and a few will go to the wastebasket.

There is no pressure when you write for the wastebasket.

Write, write and re-write.

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