The Road To The Hall Of Fame

13 May

Cooperstown New York is not easy to find.

The picturesque town is tucked along narrow winding roads in upstate New York.

But it’s so worth the drive.

The difficult trip to Cooperstown is a metaphor for what it takes to get into the hall itself.

Only the really serious, most dedicated and talented make it.

That’s true for any Hall Of Famer.

The Radio Hall Of Fame’s Ruths, Gehrigs, and Lefty Groves are named Benny, Murrow and McLendon.

The voting for this year’s inductees is currently underway. You can vote by signing up at the Museum Of Broadcasting website.

I’d like to put in a good word for a face that belongs on a plaque.

Gary Burbank is a hero of mine.

He doesn’t know that. But anyone that can go between two or three different voices and personalities and not require medication is pretty amazing.

Gary Burbank is amazing.

You really had to see it to believe how he’d have one character interview another. He did all the voices.

Gary really understands radio. He uses the right words to paint pictures and tell stories.

He is truly one of a kind and highly adaptable evolving from a rapid fire Top 40 style to the slower pace heard on WLW.

Compare Gary’s work on WAKY to that of WLW. It’s the same Gary, but his evolution as a writer and performer is incredible.

Gary is a major reason WLW rose to number one for almost twenty years.

Name one Baseball Hall Of Famer that improved right up to their last at bat. Gary did.

He retired from WLW leading the league in great content.

He made it sound so easy.

Anyone priviledged to watch from behind the scenes knows the work he put into every show.

Nobody is that good, for that long by winging it.

So please consider Gary Burbank when you cast your vote for Radio Hall of Fame Inductees.

Now, I’d like to address that Hall in Cooperstown.

Gary also played a mean second base for the station softball team.

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