IPOD vs. HD and the winner is….

07 May

Yesterday I visited several Best Buy and Circuit City stores trying to buy a replacement car radio.

Most of the radios on display offered several features such as IPOD ready, HD ready and Satellite ready.

All the salesmen were enthusiastic about the IPOD feature. It was simple to operate, just plug in and you’re in business.

The satellite ‘ready’ feature required a $100 part to receive either XM or Sirius. Colorful posters advertised all of the programs, personalities and features available.

The salesmen were well informed about the choices.

HD, that hot new thing pushed by the big radio companies was another matter.

The radios were HD ‘ready’, which like satellite required buying another part for $100.

I asked what could be heard on HD.

None of the salesmen had the slightest idea. Each had a different, but very vague response. Their body language saying “please don’t ask me about that”.

This is the ‘front line’. The radio industry needs these guys to be excited about the product and at the very least aware of it.

As Earl Pitts would say, “Wake Up America!”

I hate to tell you guys on Basse Road and in Buckhead, Georgia HD is DOA.

The bigger threat and opportunity is IPOD .

I chose an inexpensive Sony with a very nice IPOD interface. I can listen to podcast programs of my choice with ease.

You’re missing an huge opportunity if your station doesn’t offer podcasts.

Every radio on the shelf had IPOD interface. Those with standard HD were expensive, or required a costly interface.

Hey, didn’t the radio commercials say HD is free?

Podcasting is another way for you to re-purpose your content and connect with your listeners.

Here are five ideas to help you build a simple daily podcast for your station.

  • Have the morning show do a short rundown of their best calls, bits and news items after each day’s show. Kind of like Oprah’s ‘after the show’ segment. They host. It takes 15 minutes to prepare.
  • Archive great bits and recap them in a special programs.
  • Invite listeners to submit their own podcasts with the best being available for download.
  • Find vintage airchecks of your morning show and put them up on the web for download.
  • Partner with people that offer great lifestyle content and link their podcasts to your website. Again, like Oprah these are your Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil. the specialists with great content.

It is astonishing how many radio websites have no audio available.

Our world is audio.

Imagine your sister television station without video on their website.

The local paper without pictures.

That’s what most radio station websites are like. They ignore the most important ingredient. AUDIO!

Think in sound.

Use lots of audio to connect with your audience.

The IPOD is just one more way to touch the listener and keep them coming back for more.

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One response to “IPOD vs. HD and the winner is….

  1. Free iPod Touch

    May 7, 2008 at 2:38 am

    I agree with you, the ipod is a way for radio to interact with their listeners.


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