“On The Shortwaves”

02 May

I like radio no matter what band it’s on.

Shortwave isn’t too well known in the US, Australia and many other countries unless you are a hardcore hobbyist.

I stood in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation store in downtown Sydney one day and listened to the clerk tell a customer they didn’t have a shortwave service. Yikes.

Radio Australia is an excellent station. They can be heard early in the morning in the US. Check out “Saturday Night Country”, which because of time difference is heard early Saturday morning here.

ABC and Radio New Zealand often rebroadcast their domestic news programming on the shortwaves.

It was only twenty years ago or so that I could listen to morning drive from South Africa’s shortwave relay of Radio 5 at my home in Houston. It’s still possible to hear morning shows broadcasting from places like Nigeria.

Many once powerful shortwave broadcasters have given up or moved to the internet. But there are still interesting stations and programs to be found, even on a fairly low cost radio.

Jerry Berg has a very interesting web site called “On The Shortwaves”. It’s loaded with great information and lots of history.

Glenn Hauser is probably the leading authority on shortwave programming. Check out his site “World Of Radio”

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